Tax Lien Sales For Cook County, Illinois

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Cook county is a county in Chicago with a population of 53, 76741 as of year 2000 records. Under the Illinois law, the treasure’s office is required to conduct two types of real estate tax sales in which delinquent property taxes are sold.

Annual tax sale

The first tax sale according to the Illinois law is annual tax sale, which is held once a year after the second installment. Property taxes are offered for sale to tax purchasers at the annual tax sale if the property taxes for the immediately preceding tax year are delinquent on a parcel. The sale is held anytime from the fall of that year to the spring of the following year. Those interested must meet a set of qualifications to participate in the annual tax sale.

Biennial scavenger sale

This sale offers tax deeds on properties that have delinquencies of two or more years that were not purchased at the annual tax sales.

This sale is normally conducted during the summer month. A catalogue of properties is available thirty days prior to the sale at the county treasure’s office. In most counties the sales are conducted by Joseph E. Meyers and associates.

Registration of sale

State law requires that bidders be registered at least 10 business days prior to the start of the tax lien sale for cook county Illinois. All tax lien sales are by competitive bids, with the winning bidder accepting the lowest interest rate. At tax deed sales, the winning bidder offers the most money for the deed. The registration materials include rules for the conduct of a tax sale.

You can complete your registration online for the annual sale at The treasure’s office does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of street addresses for the properties on which delinquent tax liens will be sold.

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